Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together


Freudenberg? Our name may not ring a bell, but we are in fact your constant companion. It's highly likely that you will find one of our products in your toothbrush, the engine of your car or the upholstery in your furniture. Our seals, filters, nonwovens, household products and services feature in many well-known end products all over the world, making life that little bit easier for us. And as one of the largest family-run companies, we have focused for more than 160 years on making our customers' end products even better by perfecting them right down to the very last detail.

With a workforce of more than 37,000 in 57 countries (as at December 31, 2012), we enjoy success on the following markets worldwide:

  • Mobility, e.g. with customized vibration technology solutions for cars, commercial vehicles, railways, ships and civil aviation.
  • Energy, e.g. with extremely strong seals for gas production plant and power stations as well as products for sustainable energy supplies.
  • Production, e.g. with tailored solutions for complex production processes in the heavy industry sector.
  • Healthcare and the home, e.g. with high-quality components for surgical instruments and nonwovens for household products (such as vileda®).
  • Services, e.g. with comprehensive IT services and as a partner for research and development departments.

We're looking for people like you to join us as vocational trainees, students or young professionals. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will find we are the perfect fit: We offer a corporate culture that encourages your personal development and challenges your search for technical perfection.